In-Class blog 9-“Narrative Structure”

In Jon Krakauer’s novel Into The Wild, I feel that he successfully uses a narrative style and writing style that creatively connects the various aspects of the novel together. The way Krakauer uses various quotes at the beginning of each chapter allows the reader to get an idea of what the chapter is going to be about as well as get the reader to think about a certain point while reading the upcoming chapter. Also these quotes get Krakauer’s points across by taking excerpts from other places or novels like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
Along with the style of placing quotes in the beginning of each chapter, Krakauer successfully connects his story of Chris McCandless to the information he was given by various people who were connected to McCandless at some point. For example how he tells the story of how McCandless was a kid and the information he has on it, then he puts various excerpts from his interview with Carine about how McCandless was as a kid. This allows for the reader to get a better more detailed look into what McCandless was actually like as well as the way Krakauer shows him.
The chronology of the way Krakauer narrates the story of McCandless also helps the reader better understand each part of McCandless’ life and journey “into the wild”. Krakauer shows how McCandless is as a kid later in the novel because it allows for the reader to better understand the reasons for what McCandless did throughout the bulk of the novel. This part of the novel thoroughly depicts McCandless’ character further allowing the reader to understand his life choices. The way Krakauer put this at the end makes the novel different than most other novels I have read. It jumps around in dates as well as stories getting various points of view in throughout the novel rather than just McCandless or his family.
His research as well as his interviews successfully depict the life of McCandless up to this point of the novel as well as connect the novel in a way that makes the reader want to continue to read and see what other accounts Krakauer is going to tie in to better understand who McCandless is and what was going on in his head.


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